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What is the best all compound workout?


Compound movements build the most muscle and increase strength.

Mass gaining season is here.

Many of you might know by now that compounds are the real mass builders, and many bodybuilders swear by them. However, the exercises need to be performed correctly to obtain maximal gains.


How to perform the Bench Press

Lie faceup on a horizontal bench, with buttocks on the bench and feet flat on the ground:
_ Grasp the barbell with an overhead grip wider than shoulder width.
_ Inhale and lower the bar to the chest with a controlled movement.
_ Extend the arms and exhale at the end of the effort.
This exercise engages the complete pectoralis major muscle, pectoralis minor, anterior deltoid, serratus anterior and coracobrachialis.


How to perform the Deadlift

_ Stand facing the barbell, legs slightly apart with the abdominal muscles contracted and the back slightly arched. Bend the knees until the thighs are almost parallel to the floor. This position will vary depending on your physical structure and the flexibility of your ankles. Take an overhand grip on the bar with your hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart. You can also use and over-under grip to prevent the bar from rolling and to work with much heavier weight:
_ Inhale, hold the breath, contract the abdominal and low back muscles, and lift the bar by straightening your legs and allowing the bar to slide up the shins.
_ When the bar reaches the knees, extend your torso while straightening your legs so you are standing erect with your arms straight down at your sides, exhaling as you complete the movement .
_ Hold this straightened position for 2 seconds, then return the weight to the floor, making sure you do not hyperextended or arch your back. Throughout the exercises keep your back straight.
This Exercise works nearly every muscle in the body and is effective for developing the lumbosacral and trapezius muscles. It also works the gluteal muscles and quadriceps intensely.


How to perform a Squat

_ The Squat is the number one bodybuilding movement : It uses nearly the entire muscular system, and it also works the cardiovascular system. It helps develop thoracic expansion and therefore respiratory capacity.
_ With the barbell resting on a stand, slide under the bar and place it on the trapezius a bit higher than the posterior deltoid. Grasp the bar firmly with the hands at a comfortable width and the elbows back.
_ Inhale deeply (to maintain the intra thoracic pressure, which will prevent the torso from collapsing forward) slightly arch the back by rotating the pelvis forward, contract the abdominal core, look straight ahead, and remove the barbell from the stand.
_ Step back one step and stop with both feet parallel to each other or toes pointing slightly outward and about shoulder width apart. Bend forward from the hips and avoid rounding the back in order to prevent injury.
_ When the thighs are horizontal to the floor, straighten the legs and lift the torso to return to the initial position.
_ Exhake at the end of the movement.
The Squat mainly works the quadriceps, gluteal muscles, adductor group, erector spinae, abdominal muscles and the hamstrings.

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