The truth is to learn the complexities of building an aesthetic and strong body it doesn’t come as naturally as people think.
Bodybuilding vocabulary is like a foreign language, learning the many distinct elements of resistance training, periodization, volume, RPT (reverse pyramid training) etc etc.
To make progress at the fastest and effective rate possible,you have simply got to know what you are doing,and its my pleasure to help you with that.
You will find, as i did, that lifting weights builds you up in every part of your life. What you learn will effect everything else that you do in your life.
As you witness, your self-confidence and self-worth improves and will help you with work and interpersonal relationships. You definitely would benefit building a strong and athletic body, not just for physical attributes but also for laying the foundation for everything that you want to accomplish in life.

I'm now working on programmes to help you improve your muscles, sculpt your body and challenge your mind.

Stay tuned for more informations about this programmes, or send me a messagge if you want to know more.



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